and recorded the Dave Clark Fiveís song, Can't You See That She's Mine, for the radio spots. Excited by our first real recording-studio session, we decided to concentrate on our original material. Nick wrote a song about his girlfriend, Sherry. Although we never recorded the song, I think Nick 'got lucky'. Ned was writing songs that were way too complicated, reflecting his classical and jazz background. We finally got him to keep it simple, and he wrote I Really Want To Want You, which got a great response from the crowd whenever we played it.
With about ten originals under our belt, we set up an appointment to record a demo for Fantasy Records, a jazz label that was branching out into the local rock scene. The session went well. We recorded all of our originals and some covers live to 2-track. One week later we got a call from Fantasy. They said they really liked us, but had decided to work with another group, The Golliwogs (Creedence Clearwater Revival). At the time, I didnít know that someday I would be working for
  Fantasy Records and Creedence Clearwater Revival would be paying my bills! Not knowing where else to turn, I approached my longtime friend, Joe Brattesani, who had sold his music store to Music City. Joe had a record label, Golden Gate Records, so I asked him if he would like to release our first single. He agreed.
On May 10, 1966 I Really Want To Want You was recorded. We chose Nickís A Reason for the flip side. Since Golden Gate was a small label with limited distribution, once we received the pressings from the plant, it was up to us to get it played on the radio. We recruited friends to call all the local stations and make requests. I was constantly flipping through the dial. One night, I swear I heard it played on KLIV (San Jose), although I could barely hear it on my transistor radio. Somehow, it got on a playlist at a station in Redding and got to #7 on their charts. A local promoter asked us to do two shows for him in Redding and Marysville that summer.
Our first road trip was a little less